360 X 90 Day Leadership Intensive

You have some blindspots... There's a likely gap between your internal perceptions and your relational reality.

So, you need some constructive feedback that will be encouraging and advising towards your growth. 

Coming Early 2018 !

Coming Early 2018!

We’ve seen this process...

  • Save Executives from Being Fired!

  • Team Members from Quitting!

  • Rebuild Trust in Teams

  • Strength Cultures (Measured by Engagement Surveys)

  • Model Humility from Leaders

  • Reignite a Passion and Purpose in their Leadership!

  • Give Insight and Action Steps for Leadership Growth!

It's the conversational developmental work that inspired the book 360 X Leadership.  

It's a 60-90 Day Commitment including 5 Coaching Sessions, Interviews, and a Summary Presentation

  1. Discovery Meeting - Blindspots, Bottlenecks, Burnout… & Defining a Break-Thru

  2. Leaders Self Awareness - Strength, Stress, Style, Need, & Team - (Birkman Signature Report)

  3. 360 Leadership Questionnaire / Identify Contributors / Review  9 Competencies/Skills

  4. 360 Interviews - 12 Questions - Recommend 8 Interviewees

  5. Review 360 Report with Leader

  6. Present Overview to 360 with Advisory/Support Team with Recommendations

  7. Coaching for Change - Draft a 90 Day Growth Plan - Close 360

6-12 Week Process Allowing 3 Weeks for Participants to Complete Questionnaire and Interviews


Any leader desiring to increase their effectiveness should utilize the powerful combination of a Birkman 360° and regular sessions of executive coaching by Russell Verhey. The comprehensive dive into leadership competencies accurately identified strengths, weakness and blind spots in my leadership style and through Russell’s thoughtful coaching, the effectiveness of my leadership has improved and the organization has benefited. It is a “must-do” for any leader who is serious about improving their leadership effectiveness!
— Ken Sparks, President & CEO, Children’s HopeChest

If you're ready to learn more...

Let's start with a Discovery meeting to see if it's the right time. Select a time that works for you. 

One Question to Start You Thinking... How do you need to develop as a leader?  

Here's are some areas to consider...

  • Communicating with Others
  • Relating to People Socially
  • Interacting with Teams
  • Response to policies, procedures, and externally imposed change
  • Making Decisions
  • Creating the ideal work environment
  • Work/Life Balance

If you're ready to get started... 

The process works so we know it needs to work for your budget. So, whether you're an entrepreneur, executive, or CEO it's $2997 for 3 months including the assessments. If you work for a non-profit discounts may apply. You may begin on the link below. 

360 Break-Thru Coaching
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1st Month:
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