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In fall of 2010 I had a wake up call in the back of a dark warehouse. My Awakening came during a difficult time navigating a decision to grow or change my business model. I was coming into my 15th year of running a nationwide office furniture business. Struggling through a difficult and downturned economy I was still successful by many standards. Yet, I knew I was being called to a more purposeful and focused life... I had more to give, a passion in my heart, and a urgency for a change. I knew it was time to make a decision. I needed help, but I wasn't sure where to turn. 

Cari and I thought who could we trust to give us some guidance on our next steps. During the next months several trusted friends begin to walk alongside us as we navigated the next steps into our new season. The questions quickly centered around not what to do rather what not to do? I had lots of ideas, opportunities, and dreams. I needed help narrowing my focus on what really mattered. What was the highest and best use of my time, energy, and passion? 

How do you transition from a career of 15 years and move in a completely new direction? It requires a lot of prayer, patience, and people to help you through the transition. 

Transition is key word that reflects these defining moments of decisions in my life. It's these changes that are hallmarks of lessons learned and wisdom imparted while on my journey. Each benchmark I've been guided by mentors, coaches, and sponsors along the way. 

These reflection points echo a life lesson "you can't impart what you don't possess." I've been blessed with a lifetime of the deposits from leaders who have influenced my life in the most significant and practical ways of asking questions. Through these leaders' influence on my life I've cultivated a passion and pursuit of discovery. Like a young child fascinated and curious about most things, I love asking questions. If you'd ask my teenage kids, they may say I ask too much! 

I'm a man of faith first then family next. These passions are my primary purpose. It's from my faith that I'll share one of my life verses written by King Solomon. "The heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws them out" (Proverbs 20:5). My daily prayer is to have the wisdom, insight, and understanding to draw out the depths of the leaders I have the privilege to work with everyday. The same is true when facilitating a team, drawing out the depths of all the people represented.  Question are the gateway to wisdom. 

It's a joy for me to listen to the defining moments of peoples stories, especially leaders.  Stories capture the lessons of life to be discerned, learned from, and celebrated. Many of the opportunities and challenges that face these leaders and team are waiting to be discovered. Life is hard. It's easy to become discouraged or at least distracted. Before you know it you've found yourself feeling like your in the back of a warehouse crying out, "O God, I know there's more to life." 

I've been blessed! Truly! I'm grateful for the gifts and givers who've walked with me thus far. If what I've gleaned and gathered may be a blessing to you I'm happy to share. For what do I have that hasn't been given? 

It's my joy to walk alongside leaders and teams everyday in Colorado and beyond. Leaders are continually navigating opportunities and developing capacity to meet challenges. It's critical to be clear and aligned to your purpose and priorities. It's a disciplined discovery process.

My mission is moving leaders from inspiration to impact in their area of influence. My goal is to help you succeed in life, leadership, and legacy. The Advance is designed for leaders who are stewarding a vision, developing their capacity, or navigating a transition.