Are you ready to unlock your flourishing culture?

Let us show you how The Best Christian Workplace Institute (BCWI) Engagement Survey will help you diagnose and improve the health of your organization's culture. Our Best Practice Guides offer tools for leaders and managers of Christian organizations to use as a reference guide when developing and/or evaluating their “communication”.

When evaluating the soft side of your organization you need a resource that will give you a baseline to benchmark measurable results. There are many culture surveys available, but there's only one company that that creates a comparison of hundreds of other Christian organizations from 20,000+ response. This data will help you know how to invest into your organization.

The survey results include for-profit and not-for- profit organizations as well as churches and schools.

Companies that invest into workplace values and a great culture have valuations that are 10 to 12% higher that only organizations that only invest into hardline business disciplines. The high attrition cost, low moral, and poor performance are key indicators of toxic culture. Even if you have a great culture there's always room for improvement. This type of investment provides both a better return fiscal and a great place to work. 

The Advance has partnered with BCWI to bring your the best tool to improve your company culture. A BCWI Certification you will invite more talented team members, the creditability that attracts resources for ongoing development, and help you achieve the marks of a great culture. And your team will thank you! 

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