We Begin with Building Strong Leaders

5 Critical Questions

It's a 5 Quick ?s, eBook, and 5 Leadership Ideas

Designed to Strengthen, Equip, and Encourage You!

Advance Resources for Leaders!

If You Were To Capture the Advance's Focus in a Statement...

It's Building Strong Leaders, Teams, and Cultures

We start with a Baseline

Resource # 1 - 5 Critical Questions

Building Strong Leaders - Foundational Leadership Questions (Free assessment / Free ebook/ Advance Academy Course)

Resource # 2 - Leaders Self Awareness

Strength, Stress, Style, Need, & Team - (Birkman Signature Report)


# 3 - Raising Your EQ

Conversationalist - Life Defining Relationship One Conversation at a Time Life Discovery Questions (Book / Course)

#4 - Strengthening Your Relationships

360 Leadership Loop - 7 Strategic Relationships (Book / LT Course* / 360 Service)

Coming April 1st 2018

Coming April 1st 2018


# 5 - Leading Strong - Mastermind & intensive

7 Essentials for Entrepreneurial Growth (Book Release September 1st 2018) 

We Encourage Our Leaders to Start with the Mastermind! It's 6 2Hr Virtual Meeting with Small Group of Peer Leaders. It's Designed for Entrepreneurial Leaders, Executives, Non-Profits & Organizational CEOs who have an Entrepreneurial Spirit! We begin April 2018 then quarterly, 7/1, 10/1, & 1/19

The Capstone of the Advance!

It's Serving Leaders in Coaching, Facilitating Team Development, and Strengthening Organizational Health