Coaching in the Crossroads

Maybe you are at a crossroads today! As I coach with leaders I've noticed intersections that are continual challenges. Here’s what I've observed, there are 5 coaching categories that identify the needs for most leaders. See if any or all represent where you find yourself today.

  1. Stuck In Your Own Head - Leaders Have Blind Spots and Need a Fresh Perspective
  2. Stretched Thin and Stressed Out - Preventing Burnout, Evaluating Commitments, and Righting Wrongs
  3. Strategic Soundboarding - Processing Big Ideas in an Safe and Objective Environment
  4. Sustainable, Scalable or Saleable - Plan and Position Your Business for Growth
  5. Succession - Knowing When it's Time for a Change of Leadership

Bonus - Sanity of Support - You've Hit a Leadership Ceiling. You’re Experiencing the Insanity of Doing Same Thing with the Same Team Expecting a Different Result. Stop Spinning!

Look at the list again. Now, take a quick inventory on a scale of 1-5. 1 if you’re good or 5 if you need help now! Each of these areas may represent a significant pain, potential, or priority to you. How you are navigating through the issues may be influencing other areas of your life. Here’s another list that I have found as 5 primary talking points for coaching my clients:

  1. Habits (Practices and Disciplines)
  2. Health (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual)
  3. Time (Organization, Productivity, Recreation, Free)
  4. Money (Income, Spending, Debt, Investments, Retirement)
  5. Relationships (Family, Friendships, Church, Community, Work)

A mature leader will know when they are at a crossroads. These are defining moments that require an honest assessment of reality, objective counsel, and trusted friends. Every leader faces one of these intersections on their journey.What kind of help do you need today to navigate your next decision?