Board of Advisors - Interview

Boyd Bailey is a wisdom hunter. Lead writer at and founder of in Atlanta, GA. He's been a friend for many years. Boyd helped encourage me in the formation of He's an advocate for leaders to not go it alone. I hope this 22 minute informal interview will spur you to consider who's speaking into your life and take action to surround yourself with good counsel.

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made is not following my own advice. I need people to tell me what I tell others. I need to be able to be teachable and accountable to my own advice.
The more autonomy that we experience the more accountability that we need.
As I get older, I’m trying to be shorter on ideas and the longer on execution. In the past, it’s been just the opposite; I would be a mile wide and inch deep in my life and not follow-thru with excellence.
Once I actually receive the love of this group, then I began to receive better than love with my heavenly Father, and it’s amazing how His love and the love of this group is able to push out that fear and deal with my pride, and really help me to walk in a more humble, closer walk with Christ.

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