Organizational Design

Before the team meeting, I had a few moments with the leader. I asked him what's the temperature in the room he responded with it's chilly.  He looked at me he squinted a little bit and caught my meaning. 

The team was already meeting for the last hour, and the thermostat was on high heat. The leader made a few quick comments about missing deadlines again, too many commitments, and solving a customer crisis. As a facilitator, I had the opportunity to come and hit the relational reset button and try to engage in some productive conversation. It's a challenge, but we made the most of their time. 

When not if conflicts, crisis, and challenges arise how does your organization respond? Blow up, Shut up, or Buildup? These are loose terms that indicate a healthy and thriving culture or not. 

You know what it feels like when there's no air in the room. Everyone is operating with a lukewarm engagement. Productivity has plateaued. Then your CFO begins showing reports reflecting low performance and dimension profits. 

You know it, in your gut, something needs to shift beyond just another monthly "town hall" rally. Profits problems are people problems. We've got to make some changes. 

Where do we begin? Let me suggest your Organizational Design


Advance Design Team serves organizational leaders & teams experiencing an inflection point. After surveys, interviews, and consulting with 100s of executive leaders we've identify 3 needs that contribute to a health design. Strength, Strategy, Structure. It's the Leadership Edge 7 Essentials model. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 2.44.44 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 3.48.26 PM.png


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Let’s get your bearings…5 Levels - Navigating Organizational  Inflection Points

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For the Entrepreneur, Executive, Organizational Leader, or Board Members

• Launch & Level - 1-20 Employees - Starting, Scrambling, & Sustaining

• Team - 20-80 Employees - Learning Performance, Processes & People

• Management - 80-150 Employees - Executing Next Levels

• Leadership Capacity - 120-300 Employees - Lifting the Lid

• Merger & Acquisitions - Exploring New Paradigms

Questions to Consider... 

  1. What words would you use to describe your organization culture?

  2. What's changed in the last year?

  3. How would you describe an inflection point you’re facing?

  4. What's challenges are you facing with your culture?

  5. What's it costing you? Time and Money?


Organizational Design - 90 Day Discovery 

  • Leadership Interviews
  • Executive Team Interviews
  • Management Team Interview
  • Discovery Team Meeting 
  • Engagement Staff Survey 
  • Facilitate Design Strategy Meeting 
  • Change Management Recommendations 
  • Design Discovery Debrief 

We begin the Organization Design with an exploratory meeting to see if the Advance Design Team can help. Consider the questions above then select a time that works for your schedule here.