Directionalist - Getting Unstuck and Moving Further, Faster, Focusing on What Matters Most!

Directionalist is the Advance’s framework for guiding coaching discussions, articles, and team exercises. It’s the discernment focus for getting our bearings on the journey.  

It’s the opportunity for you to look around your life and leadership. As you enter the Directionalist discussion you will be reminded of what matters, what you will do, and how you will grow. 

Here you will gain a perspective!  Advancing forward with a purpose with awareness, alignment, then actions for next steps!

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Quick Start Life and Leadership Coaching!

  • Week 1 - Preparation - Biography, 7 Life Changing Questsions, 5 ReStarts for the Heart
  • Week 2- Coaching Session 1 - Dream that Inspires - Discovery ?s
  • Week 3 - Priority Focus Exercise
  • Week 4 - Coaching Session 2- Declaration -
  • Week 5 - Developmental Focus Exercise 
  • Week 6 - Coaching Session 3 - Disciplines and Plan to Execute
Directionalist Quick Start Coaching
from 599.00

6 Weeks, 3 Coaching Sessions (Virtual), 4 Coaching Exercises, & Plan to Execute

  • Life Coaching - $499 - Personal 

  • Leadership Coaching - $999 - Professional 

    • Limited to 6 Clients Starting Every Quarter


1st Month:
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My experience with Russell as a business coach has been great! He’s helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader as I begin hiring to grow my team. I appreciate Russell’s insight and willingness to keep me on track as a leader! I highly recommend him as a business coach! Matt Gowler