In 2018 the Advance Will Host a Leadership Mastermind! 


We Encourage Our Leaders to Start with the Mastermind! It's 6 2Hr Virtual Meeting with Small Group of Peer Leaders. It's Designed for Entrepreneurial Leaders, Executives, & Organizational CEOs who have an Entrepreneurial Spirit! We begin in April 2018 then quarterly 7/1,  10/1, & 1/19.  

Expectations - membership requires your participation... 3,2,1

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3 - Connections

The power of a mastermind comes in connections. You will be meeting virtually for 2 hours each month. Each meeting will spark further interest to hear stories, lessons, and seek advice from members. During the 6 months you will schedule times to meet in person or by phone with at least 3 of the team members. 

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2 - Presentations

The value of learning comes in presenting of critical issues facing a leader. You will present at least 2 issues during the 6 months that will come from 4 areas: life, leadership, team, or organizational. These are opportunities and challenges that you prepare, present, and enjoy the colloborative counsel of the team. 

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1 - Commitment

Leaders have many commitments that require their attention. The "big rock" are the most critical are often neglected or excused. We need counsel, accountability, and the courage to take action. Your mastermind help you take action on your commitment. Then we will celebrate with you as do. 

Since 2012, these Masterminds have been in a model of a full day leadership intensives. Those formats were exclusive to CEO & CXO. The cost for attending averaged at $1000/ month. Now, we are changing the model to invite a broad range of leaders to the virtual table for mutual engagement and encouragement. 

So many leaders like the idea of a Mastermind but do not know where to go or the time or cost commitment is too high. 

We've lowered the bar to give you access to a high quality peer leadership team experience. 

Starting January 2018 we will have 4 teams. These teams will include 8-12 leaders. Once each team is filled you may be put on a wait list for the April Mastermind. If interested you may contact - 

  • Launching in 2018 / First Year Start-Up - New Business, Non-Profit, Book
  • Entrepreneurs / Small Business
  • Executives / Key Leaders
  • Organizational CEOs

Regarding next steps beyond the Mastermind we invite you to consider leadership coaching, team development, and upcoming events.  Our next event will be the Leading Strong 3 Day Intensive May 2-5. Sign up here!

*The Advance is Building Strong Leaders beyond Colorado. The ONE WORD for 2018 is BUILD. We are building a new model to engage a broader base of leaders. We are building new resources, courses, and events. So, we are in a design, draft, and building on our Leadership Journey project resources. By attending the Mastermind you will help shape these resources for future leaders to Advance. We welcome you! 

Mastermind 6 Month Discussion Guide



  1. Strength - 5 Critical Questions

  2. Strategy - Strategic Focus

  3. Structure - Organizational Health

  4. Inspiration - Sustainability - Profit

  5. Encouragement - Support - Team

  6. Execution - Systems

  7. Innovation - Space  

If interested you may contact -