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Assessments - Where do I begin?

 Teens/College ~ Life/Career Planning - What am I made to do?

8 Great Smarts - Children 14 and under. By Kathy Koch PhD

School Place 4.0 Career Guide by Paradigm Personality - $50 complete order form below

Values Profiles by Paradigm Personality - $55 complete order form below

  • A value is something that is important to you. It requires energy, time, resources, thought and effort to live in alignment with our values.

  • Measured 16 Values by order to identify priority, attention, and investment of time and resource

Clifton Strength Finders - Top 5 Traits - $49 direct with Gallup

  • Read and reflect on your results to understand what you naturally do best.

  • Learn how to apply your strongest CliftonStrengths every day.

  • Share your results with others to create stronger relationships and improve teamwork.

Myers Briggs - $49 direct with MBTI

  • Take the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment.
    93 questions, 15 minutes.

  • Receive your results and a downloadable report providing an overview of your four-letter type.

  • Walk through an interactive learning session and verify your best-fit personality type.

  • Explore and compare your MBTI type using additional tools, articles, and tips to get the most from your results.

Birkman - Advance Coaching Tool for Leadership & Teams - $250 includes 1 hours private

  • Interests: What you like to do.

  • Strengths - Usual behavior: How you like to do it; how you see yourself and how others see you.

  • Needs: Where do you find your comfort zone; what are your expectations of the world around you?

  • Stress: You’re frustrated, reactive behavior that can occur when your needs go unmet.

  • Personal Success Zone: Combining the above into the optimal alignment in your career for your unique ideal work/life focus.

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