Hey friends! Welcome to the Advance! It's been 5 years of working with leaders and teams. That's a lot of Conversations! So, last year we released our first book on building relationships! It's been a life work! In the same way, we've captured some ideas that I believe will strengthen leaders in life, relationships, and their leadership influence. We are launching these courses available to you for your development. As we are designing and releasing these resources we'd like to start a conversation with you and what you need to make you strong! So, we've designed 3 assessments to guide the discussion that I believe will create some awareness and a pathway for your journey. Select one or all 3 surveys and when completed we have a free gift for you! Click on the surveys below!

When Did you become a man?

What Makes a Man, 5 Anchors to a Man's Soul, 21 Essentials, The Battle All Men Fight, Pathway to Manhood

Who are you influencing?

Guide to the Heart, Questions, and Disciplines to Build Life Defining Relationships

What are you building?

Getting Ready to Launch or ReLaunch! Advancing You to the Next Level of Leadership, 7 Essentials for Entrepreneurial Growth! 

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