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Hi! I’m Russell Verhey! Founder of the Advance!

Hi! I’m Russell Verhey! Founder of the Advance!

Since 2012,100s of Leaders HAVE TRUSTED the aDVANCE as a GUIDE TO strengthen THEIR LEADERSHIP, TEAMs,& ORganization!

What are you working on?

After 1000s of Hours Privately Coaching Leaders We’ve Noticed Some Themes…

Today, It Gives us a Guide to Begin a Conversation with You!

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The Heart of the ADvance

  • Vision - What Can Be!

  • Values - How We Live It Daily!

  • Vitality - With Energy, Endurance, & Enjoyment!

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The Hard Work of Leadership

  • Relationships - Partners, Managers, Direct Reports

  • Roles, Responsibilities, & Resiliency to Change

  • Results - Executing Strategy, Expected Goals, & Outcomes

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The Help To Get You Moving

  • Redefine Your Measure of Success

  • Navigate to Overcome Your "Stucks”

  • Begin Guiding Next Steps To Get You Moving!

We Believe Building Strong Leaders Comes with Heart, Hard Work, and the Humility to Ask For Help!

The Mission of the Advance is Moving Leaders from Inspiration to Impact with their Influence

the advance can help you guide your growth through developmental resources, performance coaching, & team engagement.