Hi! I’m Russell Verhey! Founder of the Advance!

Hi! I’m Russell Verhey! Founder of the Advance!

Welcome! We're Excited You're Here!

 Since 2012,100s of Leaders HAVE TRUSTED the aDVANCE as a GUIDE TO strengthen THEIR LEADERSHIP, TEAMs,& ORganization!

What are you working on?

After 1000s of Hours Privately Coaching Leaders We’ve Noticed Some Themes…

Today, It Gives us a Guide to Begin a Conversation with You!

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The Heart of the ADvance

  • Vision - What Can Be!

  • Values - How We Live It Daily!

  • Vitality - With Energy, Endurance, & Enjoyment!

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The Hard Work of Leadership

  • Relationships - Partners, Managers, Direct Reports

  • Roles, Responsibilities, & Resiliency to Change

  • Results - Executing Strategy, Expected Goals, & Outcomes

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The Help To Get You Moving

  • Redefine Your Measure of Success

  • Navigate to Overcome Your "Stucks”

  • Begin Guiding Next Steps To Get You Moving!

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The Advance Serves Leaders… 5 Ways to Engage

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  5. Executive Coaching & Team Development Strategic Conversations with Measurable Results  

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