4 Ways To Engage A Coaching Guide  

Recalibrating Your Life & Leadership! 

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  1. Resolution Roadmap Coaching - 12 Weeks, 3 Coaching Sessions, 6 Coaching Exercises, & Plan to Execute

    • Leadership Coaching - $999 - Professional

  2. Ascent Discovery Coaching - 3 Month - 6 Coaching Sessions, 8 Coaching Exercises, & Plan to Execute

    • Leadership/Executive Coaching - $2799

      • Non-Profits / Entrepreneurs with Organizations under $1M in Revenue - $1499

  3. 360 Break-Thru Coaching - 60-90 Day Commitment including 3 Coaching Sessions, Interviews, and a Summary Presentation

    • 360 Intensive - $2799

  4. Summit - Developmental Coaching - 12 Month - 3 - 1 Day (Private) Intensives, 8 Coaching Sessions, 1 Session with Spouse/Trusted Friend, 360 Review, 1 - 1/2 Day Team Session, 12-15 Coaching Exercises, & Plan to Execute - $14995

    • Track 1 - Leadership Edge 7 Essentials for Entrepreneurial Growth - Working ON Your Leadership!

    • Track 2 - Leadership Loop - 7 Priority Relationships - Investing Into Your Support For You're Ready to Grow

    • Track 3 - Secrets of a CEO - 7 Disciplines for Success - What's my job again? Working ON Your Organization!

    • 360 Review / Team Building Engagement

Advance Resources included in Coaching Conversations

Plus Any New Releases of Books During Time of Coaching

* Birkman not included with Directionalist Quick Start Coaching 

Who needs coaching?

Whether you are surviving, transitioning, developing or just "stuck", coaching can be the vehicle you need to really begin moving forward.

Since not everyone needs the same type of coaching, THE ADVANCE Starts with where you are today. It's a Discovery Dialogue! 

Creating a start and end date allows for a healthy expectation and strong commitment for the time together. That's why we have a coaching track for you customize your growth focus. Then at the end we celebrate the success and then redefine the leadership need. 

Any leader desiring to increase their effectiveness should utilize the powerful combination of a Birkman, 360, and regular sessions of executive coaching by Russell Verhey, founder of The Advance. The comprehensive dive into leadership competencies accurately identified strengths, weakness and blind spots in my leadership style and through Russell’s thoughtful coaching, the effectiveness of my leadership has improved and the organization has benefited. It is a “must-do” for any leader who is serious about improving their leadership effectiveness!
-Ken Sparks, President & CEO, Children’s HopeChest


A Coach will help you discover your priorities, define a roadmap, then move you toward that reality.

Resolution Roadmap Coaching - 12 Week

12 Weeks, 3 Coaching Sessions, 3 Check In Calls, Coaching Exercises, & 12 Week Plan to Execute


  • Resolution Roadmap Workbook

    • Challenges!

    • Stucks!

    • Essentials!

    • Roadmap Resources

  • Conversationalist Book

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Ascent Discovery Coaching + Roadmap
from 500.00

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Foundational First 6 Months- 6 in person + 6 Check-In Calls/ Zoom! TouchPoints to keep you moving!

  1. Living with Purpose 

  2. Aligning Your Personality - Self Awareness - Birkman Assessment

  3. Clarifying Passion 

  4. Executing Strategic Plan 

  5. Performance Results in Life & Work! Drafting a Timeline - 30,60,90 Days


  • Resolution Roadmap - 12 Week

  • Birkman Signature Assessment

  • Advance Coaching Online Course Video/Worksheets

  • Conversationalist Book / Online Course 

The Price for the Intensive is $3000 - Monthly Payments of $500. Your purchase today will begin the discovery, leadership interview conversations, Birkman assessment. You may prepay the 6 Months for $2799. Non Profit with organization under $1M in Revenue - $1999.

1st Month:
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360 Break-Thru Coaching
from 999.00

2-3 Month Commitment - 5 Coaching Sessions, Interviews, & Summary Presentation

  1. Discovery Meeting - Blindspots, Bottlenecks, Burnout… & Defining a Break-Thru

  2. Leaders Self Awareness - Strength, Stress, Style, Need, & Team - (Birkman Signature Report)

  3. 360 Leadership Questionnaire / Identify Contributors / Review  9 Competencies/Skills

  4. 360 Interviews - 12 Questions - Recommend 8 Intervewees

  5. Review 360 Report with Leader

  6. Present Overview to 360 with Advisory/Support Team with Recommendations

  7. Coaching for Change - Draft a 90 Day Growth Plan - Close 360

6-12 Week Process Allowing 3 Weeks for Participants to Complete Questionnaire and Interviews

The Price for the Intensive is $2997.  Your purchase today will begin the discovery, leadership interview conversations, Birkman assessment. 

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1st Month:
Start Your 360
My experience with Russell as a business coach has been great! His understanding of and ability to implement the Birkman assessment has been extremely valuable. He’s helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader as I begin hiring to grow my team. I appreciate Russell’s insight and willingness to keep me on track as a leader! I highly recommend him as a business coach! Matt Gowler