What is the Birkman Method® Assessment?

The Birkman Method® assessment is an online personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment measuring and reporting behavioral strengths, motivations, expectations, stress behavior, and career profiles. The Birkman Method is a tool to understand self, understand others, and the interpersonal and career choices that can lead to success and well-being. 

What's the potential impact? 

What can you learn from completing the Birkman Questionnaire?

Five aspects of your personality:

  • Interests: What you like to do.

  • Strengths - Usual behavior: How you like to do it; how you see yourself and how others see you.

  • Needs: Where do you find your comfort zone; what are your expectations of the world around you?

  • Stress: Your frustrated, reactive behavior that can occur when your needs go unmet.

  • Personal Success Zone: Combining the above into the optimal alignment for your unique ideal work/life focus.

What distinguishes the Birkman Method® from other personality assessment?

Unlike most personality assessments that work hard to eliminate socially desirable responses (the tendency to strive for creating a good impression), The Birkman Method® uses a participant’s understanding of social desirability, along with motivational desires, to measure and report the way that person interacts in everyday life situations where people actually do color their behavior according to their understanding of social desirability. This provides a powerfully accurate picture of how we operate in the world, what we expect from others and what behaviors will be evident if we don’t get our expectations met.