What to Expect in Your Coaching Engagement...

Outcomes  - Seizing Opportunities - Overcoming Challenges

  1. Defining Where You May Be Stuck in Life, Leadership, or Organization

  2. Clarity To Build Confidence So You Can Make Changes

  3. Strengthen Significant Relationships (Personally & Professionally) 

  4. Priority Focus To Execute Your Plan

  5. Courage for Your Next Steps!

3-18 Month Coaching Guide -  We Focus Where You Need Grow!

Quick Start  - Building Strong Leaders 5 Critical Questions  - Defining 30,60, 90 Day Disciplines - Solving One Critical Life, Leadership, Or Organization Issue! Getting a Win

What's one issue worth to you? 

Track 1  - Leading Strong 7 Essentials for Entrepreneurial Growth - Working ON Your Leadership! 

Track 2 - 360 Leadership Loop  - 7 Priority Relationships -  Investing Into Your Support For You're Ready to Grow

Track 3 - Secrets of a CEO - 7 Disciplines for Success - What's my job again? Working ON Your Organization!

Leadership Coaching Begins as a 3-6 month commitment depending on your focus and frequency of meetings. 

Advance Resources included to Guide the Coaching Conversations

Who needs coaching?

Whether you are surviving, transitioning, developing or just "stuck", coaching can be the vehicle you need to really begin moving forward.

Since not everyone needs the same type of coaching, THE ADVANCE Starts with where you are today. It's a Discovery Dialague! 

Creating a start and end date allows for a healthy expectation and strong commitment for the time together. That's why we have a coaching track for you customize your growth focus. Then at the end we celebrate the success and then redefine the leadership need. 


SCOTT EVANS is the CEO of Outreach, Inc.


A Coach will help you discover your priorities, define a roadmap, then move you toward that reality.