Move your team forward with clarity, energy, and focus! 

Intensives are uniquely designed for you and your team.

ADVANCE INTENSIVES focus on team trust, alignment, clarity, communication, commitment, roles, responsibilities, performance, change, and development.

TIME commitment depends on the needs of the leader and the team. From a one-2-ones, lunch - n - learn, 1/2 day, full day, or multi-day offsite in Vail, CO. We'll travel to your teams favorite location or keep it virtual for the time necessary to move you forward. 

 A Proven Leadership Team Development Process!

90-120 Days with Leader and the Executive Team - (# of Members?) Executive Coaching Meetings & Leadership Team. Plus 2 Team Building meetings with Leadership Team

Leadership Development & Team Building  -  Awareness - Alignment - Action



  • Meet with Leader to Focus Development Discussions for Next 90 days

  • Month 2 - Right Focus Exercise (12?s) (- Roles/Responsibilities, Key Initiatives, “Big Rocks”, for 2018 - Personally & Professionally

  • 360 Team Exercise -Inviting Feedback for your Development

    • 360 Questionnaire (7?s) - Each Team Member will have a unique 360 for them to invite feedback from their circles of relationships both personally and professionally.


  • Month 3 - Developmental Dialogue - Strength Focus Exercise - Review Learnings from 90 Days, 360 Feedback, Explore Next Steps for Development Actions

  • Closing Team Meeting - 2-4 Hour Team Discussion!

Outcomes for Leader / Team Development

  1. Building High Trust and Engagement will Increase Awareness - Higher EQ

  2. Identify & Invest into Strengths Leadership Team

  3. Clarify Roles, Responsibilities, Strategic Initiatives

  4. Personal and Professional Development Track

  5. Unified Team Vision and Leadership Initiatives to Communicate throughout Organization

  6. Greater Clarity of Needs on the Team to Support and Encourage One Another

Advance Resources included to Guide the Leadership Conversations  

  • Growth Guide

  • Building Strong Leaders (ebook)

  • Right Focus

  • 360 “Lite” Questionnaire

  • Strength Finders Assessment

Recommended Resources  - Book/Audible  

Additional Services for Team Development

Birkman Assessment -  Signature Report & 1 Hour Meeting 

Team Dynamics - Profiles - Creating Awareness & Alignment Opportunities - 2-4 Hour 

Birkman 360 Services - 60-90 Day Intensive - Assessment, Interviews, & Coaching on Focus on 9 Leadership Competencies

* Next Steps - Building Strong Culture - Organizational Health

Let’s get our first discovery meeting scheduled! See if there's a time that's fit your schedule. 

“We accomplished more in a few hours offsite with Russell than we did in 10 months of work in the office,”
— Charlie, Colorado Springs

Hiring the Advance invites a fresh perspective for your business' messaging, opportunities, and challenges.  For Charlie and his team, they have been trying to redefine their business' purpose for the last year even though they have been in business for 12 years.  They have an amazing team with a growing business in Colorado.  The reality of servicing clients and their needs and developing new business keeps leaders like these working in their business versus on it.

Most traditional approaches would be to hire an outside marketing strategist or consulting group.  Instead we took a team approach drawing upon the collective team's experience and wisdom, drawing out what's just waiting to be expressed. Like Charlie's comment above, consider the cost of 10 months of research, discussions, and meetings, not to mention the frustration that you are not getting any traction. What's the cost of that in regards to productivity,  let alone clarity for the organization?  The Advance offers an approach, rather a facilitated process that guides the team through a discussion drawing upon their collective insight and experiences to discover answers to problems that can move them forward as a team.

Companies who outsource a branding group may end up with a great logo or slogan yet hiring the Advance leads discussions among team members that brings a sense of ownership, pride, and unity to the organization.  Even established companies need to find new ways to express themselves creatively. The same is true when discussing issues of culture, alignment, performance, strategic planning, and vision. 

What's the real value of a team who is truly united, clear on their purpose, and have a sense of pride being a part of an innovation organization?  The simple answer for you must be in context of your business, the number of members of your team, your budget, the clients you are servicing, and your goals for the coming year. Seeking clarity of these talking point requires a significant commitment. Yet, the cost of confusion can be even greater than a investment towards clarity. 

  1. What if you could move your team forward and the conversation faster with more joy and sense of anticipation?

  2. How would that affect the bottom line?

  3. How would that influence customer satisfaction?

When you hire the Advance to move the conversation forward, the team members feel valued. The temptation for any leader is letting the task of running the business become more important than the people that actually get the work done.  Leaders must find the balance of people, process, and profit. It's easy to evaluate an investment opportunity such as new technology, acquiring equipment or a marketing campaign because we can measure the return on its investment. Your people represent a softer investment with a potential for an even greater return.

Hiring the Advance will move your team forward faster with a greater sense of fulfillment, and a measurable return on the bottom line.

I believe our one day executive team meeting moved us light years ahead!
— Ken CEO Colorado Springs

It's time to make an investment in your team.