Leadership Journey

from hiking the valleys to the summits in the Appalachians to the Rockies, 15 years of running business that really ran me, 3 years of Master level Studies, 5 years of coaching leaders, 100s of research interviews, writing books, and a lifetime of mentors investing into my life, leadership, and organization gives context to...it's a journey! 

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Whether you find yourself today standing on the summit or navigating a valley you're invited to join the journey

7 Guided Sections on the Path - You Select Your Pace!

  1. Directionalist - 5 Discernment Discussions

  2. Building Strong Leaders - 5 Critical Questions

  3. Leading Strong - Essentials for Organizational Growth

  4. Leadership Loop - Strategic Support Relationships

  5. Secrets of CEO - Disciplines of Leadership - Champion Vision, Communicate Story, Develop Team, Secure Critical Relationships, Protect Brand, Nurture Culture, Growth Resources

  6. Slingshot - When you’re Stuck

  7. Retreat so you can Advance - Working On Your Leadership

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