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Leadership Conversations

What questions will be asking in your next meeting?

Your Resource for Engaging Your Team in Significant Conversations! 

100+ Questions for Leaders, Team, Organization, Coaching, Mentoring, & Curiosity (Fun) Questions



5 Leadership Conversation Outcomes

  1. Growing Leaders Self Awareness - Minimize blindspots and leverage hidden strengths

  2. A Listening Mindset - Honor the individual interests and ideas of team members

  3. A Learning Culture - Capture lessons, insights, and knowledge from not just the leader. 

  4. Normalizing Significant Questions - Powerful and well timed questions asked and not ignored often led to defining moments. 

  5. Strengthening the Unity of Your Team - Profit problems results from people problems. Clarity comes through questions then alignment gives focus, traction, and momentum. 


Strong Foundations - 5 Aspirations 

  1. Who inspires your leadership?

  2. Who has led you well?

  3. What have you learned from your leaders?

  4. How could you honor or thank them today?

  5. What’s one quality you’d like to develop this year?


Strong connection - 5 investments

  1. Believe - How can I support you to succeed? Challenges your facing?

  2. Advancement - Where would like to see your career in the next 3 years?

  3. Leadership Development - How do want to grow in your abilities at work?

  4. Feedback - What feedback do you need from me? Encouraging or Instructive? How often?

  5. Work Life Vitality - What ways are you staying healthy outside of work?


For Your Next Lunch - 5 Fun Themes 

  1. First Trips You Remember - Where did you go?

  2. First Jobs Story - I remember when this happened... 

  3. Sports Played / Favorite Teams - Proud Moment?

  4. Favorite Vacations  - What did you enjoy?

  5. Bucket List - Significance? 

Leadership Conversations Challenge - 3 Levels 

  1. Select 1-3 Questions, Invest in your Answers, Prepare for Your Next Meeting  

  2. Sign up for the Leadership Conversations - Video Training 

  3. Join the Leadership Conversations Coaching Cohort... Working on Real Conversations, Management Relationships, & Your Team Challenges! Virtual Team Meeting. Limited to 6-8 Executives, 4 Meetings, 3 Months. Starts Quarterly.