My name is Russell Verhey. I build leaders. That’s why I am here…I have a 50 year vision to build up and resource leaders!

The most important thing about me is my faith and family. God is the source of every good thing in my life.  My sweetheart Cari and I recently celebrated 23 years in marriage. I’m more in love with that lady than ever before. My kids are my heart. Ellie the Encourager (19), Bethany the Graceful (17), Grady the Cheerful (12). My faith and family strengthen me to serve leaders! Leaders who have committed their lives for redemptive purposes…

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Entrepreneurship from Kennesaw State University in 1996.  I have a legacy and a passion for business handed down from my family, and I started my first business with employees as a 16 year old.  I also own and operated an office furniture sales organization for 18 years with nationwide and international clients. 

I earned my Master's Degree in Leadership Development from Denver Seminary in 2006 which further equipped me in my passion to build leaders.  I have been a member of R12 and Vistage business round-tables in Atlanta, Georgia while running my office furniture business.  I have also been a coach and chair for Convene for 3 years, investing in the lives of Colorado Springs CEO's.  I started the Advance a couple years ago to meet the expanding leadership development needs and team challenges of my clients. 

Like any good builder you’re always looking for the best materials, tools, and tradesmen to get the job done… It's these resources that I hope to provide that will build leaders who are marked with a mission and bring their teams to full capacity and unity under that vision.

Moving leaders from inspiration to impact in their area of influence. That's My Passion! 

It's to help you succeed in your workplace and in life. 

Leadership coaching starts by helping you pay attention to your priorities. Often there's a gap between our ideals and reality. It's then we lose site of what matters most in the demands of the day. It's the ultimate leadership challenge. Hiring a coach to walk with you can help you navigating the tension of both personal and professional success. Leaders need life giving relationships and resources in order to succeed. 

After 20 years in the office furniture industry as an entrepreneur I've experienced my share of successes and challenges.  I never would have survived without the help of mentors and coaches. Since my transition in 2012 from running my company I've invested 1000+ hours walking alongside leaders in coaching discussions that resulted in life and organizational change. I've hosted 48+ leadership forum days that engaged and developed stronger leaders. In addition, I've facilitated dozens of corporate retreats that produced greater team alignment, engagement, and synergy. 

Since 1995, as a entrepreneur, I've toured, liquidated, and furnished 100s of office environments around the United States and some international locations. From the warehouse floor to the corner office the leadership sets the culture of a thriving or surviving organization.  That culture and strength of the team will always impact the bottom line. Whether your success is measured in influencing people or making a profit the strength of the organization reflects the health of the leader. 

In a coaching context, I've worked with leaders, teams, and boards in technology, banking, publishing, construction, real estate, manufacturing, and non profit. Again, my goal is to see you succeed and move forward to the next level of leadership. 

So, what's your leadership challenge? Let's get you the resources you need to succeed.