LEADERSHIP FORUM - Join the Colorado Cohort!

Forum is the best day of my month!
— Vance Brown CEO Cherwell Software

Join our mastermind team of diverse leaders each month for a full day focused on growth and development!  

Forum Team

The team generally represents 10-12 leaders with complimentary strengths, disciplines, and industry backgrounds. Their roles include:

  • Key leaders within their business or organization
  • Entrepreneurs stepping into their vision
  • Non-profit executives

Colorado Springs has 2 Teams! 


Is the FORUM for you?

  • Are you stewarding a vision that you hope to be a reality?
  • Are you desiring to develop your capacity to the next level of leadership?  
  • Are you seeking wisdom and direction in how to navigate a transition?

Let's start the conversation to see if you are right for the team and if the team is right for you.  Schedule a fifteen-minute call with Russell to learn more about the Advance Forum or send a quick note with your questions about joining the team at russell@leadersadvance.net.

Joining Forum Team Does Not Include or Require a Coaching Commitment.  Learn more about Advance Coaching!

Ed Behr leads the Behr and Behr team and is the Managing Partner of the Platinum Group Relators in Colorado Springs.

Kevin Butcher is the CEO of Cameron Butcher a Commerical Real Estate Company in Colorado Springs.


Forum Day Content and Leadership Conversations  

  1. Leader Catalyst - Create Space for Life, Growth, and Movement
  2. Leader Engine - Developing to Capacity for Your Next Level of Leadership
  3. Leader Mission - Moving Leaders from Inspiration to Impact in Their Area of Influence
  4. Enemies of Excellence - Reasons We Sabotage Success
  5. Navigating Change - Transition in Seasons, Strategic Focus, and Significant People
  6. Defining and Clarifying Your Role(s) as the Leader
  7. Building a High Performing TEAM - You’re the Caretaker of the Culture
  8. Leading with a Developmental Bias – More or Less Models - 5 Questions Will Change How You Lead
  9. Leaders are Lonely – End the Isolation 7: Strategies for Engagement
  10. Making the Tough Call – Navigating Difficult Decisions
  11. Executing with Excellence – 80/20 Thinking and SMART Commitments
  12. Growth Action Plan – Defining Steps for Success
  • 3-4 Forum Days a year will include a guest speaker to help guide us through the discussion and share from their experience and expertise. 
  • Monthly content focus may shift based on collective needs of the team. 

Forum is the place to work ON your leadership. You will experience

·      Refreshment from the Demands and Challenges in Life and Work

·      Rethinking with Strategic Tools to Help You Work Smarter

·      Reconnecting with Like Minded Leaders for Encouragement and Counsel

·      Reprioritization of What Matters Most so You Can Put First Things First

·      Reminder of your Vision, Dream, and Reason You Love What You Do

After Forum you will be renewed and ready to engage as a leader in your workplace, community, and family. You will leave Friday resourced with tools, tips, and talks that will work with your team on Monday. 

The Advance Forum will help you Lead your Team and Create a more Enjoyable and Productive Environment

Many leaders are strong on vision, strategy, and communication yet find it difficult to lead a team. Joining the Forum will give you the tools to develop your team. You’ll be equipped and see results in:

·      Alignment

·      Engagement

·      Synergy

·      Execution

Not only will these impact the bottom line of your company or department it also influence the culture of your organization. That impacts employee retention and recruiting.

Forum will strengthen your leadership in friendship with strong local leaders.  

You will be interacting with leaders who share similar challenges. In addition, they’re navigating opportunities for greater reach in their business, community, and family.  Sharing success and struggles stimulates fresh perspectives, alternative approaches, and inspiring stories. All of which gives you access in a trusted, confidential, and collaborative community. Such a place is aspired to yet rarely experienced.

As you evaluate your leadership opportunities and challenges the Advance Forum will be your resource team to move you forward faster.

Let’s get started!

Contact Russell@leadersadvance.net to discuss the possibilities!