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Strong Start Towards Your Next Successful Coaching Engagement

Coaching Conversations stimulate self-awareness, leadership insights, and actionable next steps towards your goals. The investment returns real-time results that are life enriching and rewarding. Getting clear is the first step toward results of a dream fulfilled, discovering purpose, or delivering on your priority commitments .

We begin with a leadership principle that will guide the conversation and coaching focus

Opportunities + Challenges = Growth

3 Questions…

  1. What opportunities are you considering?

  2. What challenges are you facing?

  3. How do you need to grow in your leadership?

Complete Your Coaching Conversations Worksheet Preparations Here! (or Scroll Down)


If you could work with passion, clarity, and discipline for the next 30 days what could you accomplish?


Greater Insights that Lead to Action

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Opportunities - Get Clear!

  • What motivates you? - Achieving Goals, Solving Problems, or Seizing Opportunities… Describe what energizes you!

  • What’s a one word theme for your year?

  • What’s your 90-day Focus?

  • What’s your 1-year Goal?

  • What’s your 3 year Dream?


Goals, Plans, and Strategies rarely go as expected.

  • What’s challenging you? Describe how it impact your life and work.

  • What captures the majority of your time and thoughts? Make a list if helpful

  • What consistently distracts you? Describe behaviors or poor habits that influence your ability to focus

  • How’s your resiliency? Describe how you respond to setbacks, changes, and unmet expectations

  • What’s your primary responsibility related to your challenge? Describes what’s in your circle of influence or out of your control

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When stretched we grow our capacity for more opportunities, responsibilities, and the rewards of meaningful results.

  • How would like to expand your influence and capacity?

  • What areas of your character needs to be strengthened?

  • What specific competencies would help you lead more effectively today?

  • Who can help you develop as a leader? Write down a few names of trusted relationships that come to mind: friends, mentors, advisors, peers, etc

  • What are 1-3 developmental actions could you take towards your leadership development? (Center for Creative Leadership has 50 Competencies on Compass . Review the CCL summary list here)

The Probability of Completing a Goal If…
You have an idea or goal: 10%
You consciously decide you will do it: 25%
You decide when you will do it: 40%
You plan how you will do it: 50%
You commit to someone you will do it: 65%
You have specific accountability with a person you’ve committed to: 95%
— Source: American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)

As you prepare for the coaching session your answers will stimulate great engagement with your coach. As your connection develops with your coach you will be invited deeper into your discovery and clarity for further growth getting your closer to your goals.

Additional Resources

the Advance follows the framework of 1. Awareness. 2. Alignment, 3. Action!

  1. Learn your Highest & Best Ability by Assessment(s) & Feedback

  2. Grow your Leadership Capacity

  3. Move towards your Goals

For our coaching sessions whether formally or informally we follow a conversational framework. 

  1. Gaining self-awareness to leverage strengths, managing weakness,  minimize blind spots, and mitigate bottlenecks. 

  2. Defining growth areas for your development. The Scorecard gives context for roles, responsibilities, and reviewing performance. Getting clarity on what to focus on, where you are excelling, or not, to invest into the highest and best use of your time and talents. 

  3. Reviewing goals and commitment for this month, quarter, or year both personally and professionally. Create an action plan staying focus to see it done. Letting go of secondary things to achieve what's priority. 

For some leaders to begins with a 4-hour-8-hour intensive session followed by 1-hour monthly coaching. Its process produces results. You may begin with 30 minutes. It’s your time to go as deep or wide as you need.

As you consider your coaching time … Where do you want to focus? Awareness, Alignment, Action! 

Suggestions to Engage for Coaching

  1. Review for Awareness & Reflect on 1-3 Insights/Questions - If you completed a personality assessment (past or present) review for new perspectives. The Advance team uses Strength Finders, Birkman, 360, Myers Briggs, Enneagram, DISC, PDP, Kolbe, Workplace Big 5, FIRO, and TKI Conflict Mode Instrument. We also begin our coaching engagements with the Birkman.

  2.  Development Focus - Where are stretched, struggling, or stuck in your work? What support do you need? Identify 1-3 growth areas you could invest in your leadership over the next 1-3 months.

  3. What's your win? What do want to accomplish this month, quarter, or year end. Define both personally and professionally. 

One quick tip we've learned as you prepare is a simple coaching question after my intensive session... 

What question would you like your coach to ask you? write it Down! Then Share with your Question bEfore the meeting!

Ways Leaders Are Focusing Their Development

Korn Ferry’s research of executives they clarified areas the primary leader development competencies for growth.

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Start Your Preparation Now! Answer the 3 Questions or the 5 Sections. Your responses will be confidential, reviewed only by your Advance coach, and will be emailed directly to you.